Selling Information

Selling Information & Selling Tips

Selling your home is a complex procedure. Whether it’s your first time, or you’re an experienced seller, it’s very easy to forget things and feel overwhelmed. While you should always feel comfortable asking questions, the following steps involved may make it easier to plan for the journey.

Prior to Listing

Select an agent Sign a listing agreement Arrange a contract for sale through your solicitor Allow about 2 weeks Listing Your Property Agent receives a copy of your sale contract from your solicitor/conveyancer Agent prepares a marketing campaign & advertising materials Prepare your house for buyer inspections Agent conducts buyer inspections Agent negotiates a sale price to your satisfaction In a busy market with a low number of comparable properties available may be in days or weeks, but on average within 3 months if the property is realistically priced. Accepting the Offer Offer is accepted Contracts exchanged with Cooling-off period Cooling-off period ends (SOLD) Private Treaty 2-4 weeks Auction: Immediate Settlement Settlement period begins Settlement Move out Usually 4-6 weeks

Legal Advice

Choosing the right solicitor can help you save time, money and in some cases your sale. We are happy to supply a list of solicitors/conveyancers if required, that have a history of treating property owners as a priority.


The emotional appeal required to stir the spirit of buyers is unlikely to be generated by a poorly presented property. Presentation of your property is a critical factor in achieving the highest possible price. Instant smell, instant sell - everyone knows that trick! Brew up a pot of real coffee just before that door bell rings and make sure the aroma of freshly ground coffee smacks likely buyers in the face just as they walk through the door. That's one. But probably not the best one. Consider these: A confident buyer sweeps into a room. An unconvinced buyer has had to sweep through litter, pizza boxes and junk mail just to get in. Keep things tidy. In winter, have lights on during the day time. They can add enchantment. Or disenchantment, if light bulbs are missing. There's a big difference between getting a feel for a place and having to feel our way around! Which is why lighting in a room is important. Natural light can liven a place up and give a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. So draw back those curtains - and open those windows. If you don't have curtains and it's still dark, check your windows. They may need urgent cleaning. There's always a first time. In vacant properties, always leave some furniture behind to give the place a lived in feeling. Peeling paint suggests that work needs to be done on the property. This could be used to re-negotiate the price. If you have a garden, check outside the house is as neat and tidy as the inside. To a nervous first time buyer, a damp stain caused by a minor past leakage suggests an impending flood. Ensure your agent knows what makes your house a "home" - explain why it has that special feel to you, point out its highlights. If you are unable to do these things yourself, John is more than happy to provide a handyman experienced in cost effective economical presentation.

Better Viewing

We recommend that you leave a set of keys at our office as it is best to show buyers your property as soon as they enquire. If you do, you'll enjoy: A hassle free service. With a set of your keys, we can organize viewings without you having to organize your busy days around potential viewings. Worry free viewings. All keys are carefully tagged and secured in a locked box for your privacy and security. No purchasers can view a property unaccompanied - one of our trained agents will be present for every inspection, after providing you with acceptable notice.

Do: Tidy up before a viewing Let the viewer have freedom to wander around

Don't: Follow potential buyers around Talk over them Hurry them

In Touch

Occasionally we may need to contact you at short notice. If you go away on work or holiday, please let us know and give us any additional numbers or address where we can contact you.

Talk To Us

Don't be afraid to ask us for help or informed opinions. From details on presenting your property to major decisions about which offer is right for you or possible price reductions, we know your market and are ideally placed to offer expert, impartial advice. It is part of our commitment to provide totally professional advice that will deliver the maximum benefits to you.