Applying For A Rental

Hi there! 

Looking to get a head start and apply for one of our available rentals listed on our website? Great! Give our property manager Phoebe a call on 0404 111 288 and discuss for further details or go right ahead and download the below form to complete. 

Anyone over the age of 18 intending to reside at the property needs to complete their own form and these can be submitted via email to or stop by our office and speak with one of our friendly team members to submit in person. There is a list of documentation we require on page 1; if you do not have your rental ledger or receipts make sure you sign the Tenancy Privacy Statement on the last page and we will get in contact with your current property manager ourselves to obtain these. 

For your safety and our safety due to Covid-19 we are asking for applications prior to inspecting properties, no tenant will be asked to sign a lease without viewing a property in person or having somone visit the property for you. 

Copy and Paste the link below: